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Cleaning prices start a little as £65.00 (up to 25sqm), depend on surface, dirt…

Our cleaning price guide covers general and deep pressure cleaning of all types of exterior hardsurfaces, driveways, deckings, patios, tarmacs, stones, walkways, stairs and many more…

We can also clean fencing, small walls and brickwork, bins, most type of garden furnitures and garden ornaments with different range of prices.

Deck Cleaning are slightly different, but still can do same as our deep charge.

DO NOT include the cost of the oil / stain or paint.

No two driveways are same
Each driveway and patio is different size and different dirt, that is why we offer a free no hassle quotation service. The price quoted at the time is the price you pay, we don’t do extra charge or hidden top up at the end.
All what we need is access to your garden tap, so you don’t even need to be at home when we do the job. We do not use your electricity, that’s can keep our price down.

Please note this is only price GUIDE, all job measure & quoted individually and local

General pressure cleaning– not including oil/ paint/ sand/ seal –Deep pressure cleaning

Min Charge up to 25sqm £65                                          Min Charge up to 25sqm £75

26sqm – 60sqm £2.5 / sqm                                              26sqm – 60sqm £3 / sqm

61sqm – 99sqm £2.25 / sqm                                              61sqm – 99sqm £2.75 / sqm

100 + sqm £2 / sqm                                                       100 + sqm £2.5 / sqm


Lichen removal and deep clean are NOT the same process. Lichen removal is more time and takes a lot more and different chemicals. Prices for lichen removal depend on the surface and are priced according to the job.

Oiling / Staining / Painting / Sealing, material not including

First coat £0.75 / sqm every additional coat £0.50 / sqm

Resanding £0.50 / sqm, material not including

The price of decking oil / stain or paint and driveways sand / sealers fluctuate day by day so they will be priced upon enquiry.

Extra Services on Request 

The extra services (bins, garden ornaments and furnitures) can only be added to an existing service. We not taking bookings for extra services only. Or otherwise there is the minimum charge of £65.

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